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Six Trending Summer Workouts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that all adults get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week for optimal health and wellness. However, exercise can be boring, which makes it difficult to stay motivated. Even if you enjoy the exercise you do, performing the same types of exercise each week contributes to plateaus in your fitness gains. Luckily, summer is fast approaching, and with it comes a whole new list of fitness trends to change up your regular routine and keep active.


WaveShape is a new fitness trend from celebrity trainer Adam Rosante that takes inspiration from the sport of surfing. This program takes the patterns and movements of surfing and combines them with high intensity levels and body weight resistance. Another trend inspired by surfing this summer are Wobbly boards. Wobbly boards are pieces of surfboard-inspired exercise equipment that creates an unstable surface, better engaging your core for balance and stability during exercise.


Coming off the popularity of dance classes like Zumba is Fierce. Fierce creates a fun cardio and toning workout by utilizing African-inspired dance movements and music, including stomping, twisting, jumping and swinging.


HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, takes your typical intervals in the gym to the next level. HIIT classes only last 20 to 30 minutes, but provide an intense cardiovascular and strength training workout through short 100 percent intensity bursts of exercise effort followed by short recovery periods. While HIIT is offered in class sessions, it can be performed from anywhere on your own using the same principles.

Live Stream Workouts

With the continued improvement of Internet video streaming technology, livr streaming workouts have steadily picked up in popularity. While those in larger cities have a wide range of fitness classes available, fitness enthusiasts in smaller towns are often left with little options. Live stream workouts allow these people to attend popular classes from the comfort of their home or gym with just an Internet connection.

Aqua Spinning

Water provides natural resistance for exercise while reducing the stress on the joints of your body. Taking water exercise to a new level is aqua spinning. Aqua spinning takes traditional spinning classes into the water, using the water for added resistance as you cycle. While first popular in Europe, the fitness trend migrated to New York City and continues to spread across the nation.


Following up on popular kettlebell equipment, sandbells allow you to perform the same workouts, but for less money, and in some cases with better results. The sandbell is a specially designed neoprene bag filled with sand. The difference between the sandbell and other equipment is that it provides more of a dynamic resistance due to the shifting weight of the sand. This change forces greater muscle fiber recruitment, increasing the effects of each exercise.

While many of the trends above require a gym membership or class fees, many of the principles of these exercises can be followed at home, often times with just your own body weight for resistance. So whether you sign up for a local class, or log in to a free streaming workout session from home, the important part is just finding ways to stay active and stay healthy.