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Nine Great Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

When family members or friends are ill or are in the hospital, most people like to give a get well soon gift to brighten their day. Old standbys are flowers or balloons or a cute stuffed animal, but how about a gift that keeps on giving?

Here are nine great get well gift ideas that are outside the flower box.

First idea: A massage gift certificate for one or more sessions is a gift that is appropriate for many different circumstances. If the patient has been to a massage therapist before, find out who the individual is. Otherwise, get recommendations from a local massage school, hospital, physical therapist, or a massage therapy organization to find a professional in your area.

Second idea: A grabber reacher may be an appropriate and much appreciated gift for someone who has suffered an injury or has a condition that makes it difficult to reach or pick up ordinary items around the house. Grabber reachers are available through medical supply and home aid supply stores.

Third idea: A selection of healing herbal teas may be appreciated by some patients. Teas known for their calming and soothing qualities, such as chamomile, catnip, peppermint, lemon balm, passionflower, valerian and motherwort are good choices.

Fourth idea: Laughter is still the best medicine, so a gift of DVDs of the patient’s favorite comedian, comedy show or movies can make a great gift. Whether it’s old shows like I Love Lucy or newer entertainment, the gift of laughter is timeless.

Fifth idea: Yoga classes might be just what the doctor ordered, but you can think of it first! A gift certificate for an introductory yoga class or several sessions could prove to a significant contribution to a person’s healing and recovery process.

Sixth idea: Someone who has been under the weather or unable to keep up with their home chores could greatly appreciate a cleaning service for a few hours or a day. You can hire a local service or grab a pail and mop and offer to do it yourself. Either way, this gift could be very helpful.

Seventh idea: Cooking for yourself or others when you’ve been ill can be tiring, and eating out can be expensive and may not be advisable. Why not give your family member or friend the gift of homemade meals? Whether you bring meals to her, cook them at her house or hire someone else to do the cooking, homemade meals sure beat hospital food and ordering take out!

Eighth idea: One of the most comforting gifts can be warmth in the form of a heating pad. Patients who are experiencing aches, pains, strains, cramps and other discomforts may get much needed relief from a simple heating pad. Look for pads that offer both dry and wet heat.

Ninth idea: Individuals who are recovering from foot or lower leg ailments may be glad to open up a gift of compression socks or stockings. They are available in a variety of colors and are great for helping with plantar fasciitis, aching legs, varicose veins and leg fatigue.

The next time you need a get well soon gift, bypass the florist and balloon shops. Choose something your family member or friend will remember and truly appreciate.