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Dangers of Detoxing from Home

Detoxing from drugs can be very tricky. Many people want to try to save money by doing it on their own. Unfortunately, there are many cases of people who have died from complications that could have been prevented if they were detoxing in a professional setting. Amy Winehouse’s death raised concerns about doing a home detox program.

Make sure that you understand the risks of detoxing if you are considering doing a home detox program.

Why is Home Detox Dangerous?

People can face a number of health risks when they try to quit using drugs cold turkey. Patients in a professional rehab setting can depend on the medical staff to treat any symptoms they may be facing. Here are some of the risks that anyone faces when they go through withdrawal:

Physical withdrawal symptoms.

Addicts are both physically and psychologically dependent on the substances they use. One of the most common (and dangerous) symptoms withdrawing addicts face is seizures. They are particularly common among people who are quitting benzodiazepines such as Ativan or Valium. They also occur for many people who are withdrawing from alcohol. Amy Winehouse is believed to have died from seizures related to her detox. Rehab centers can administer medications to people experiencing seizures during detox to prevent them from losing their lives or developing long-term neurological problems. Dependence. Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be especially painful. Even the most disciplined people may be tempted to revert back to using substances to make the problems go away. There is nothing to stop an addict from going back to their old habits when they are in a home detox program.

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Ineffective home detox programs.

Many people try to use home detox programs that they read about it on an infomercial. Many of these products have been found to be ineffective or even dangerous. It can be very difficult to develop an at home detox program that actually works. Behavioral changes. Detoxing creates a number of psychological changes. This can lead to people making a number of decisions that can put themselves or others around them in danger. Anyone who is detoxing at home isn’t in a controlled environment and may be powerless to keep themselves and those around them safe.

You need to make sure you understand the risks posed by withdrawing from alcohol on your own. According to one study, more than 90% of people who participate in a home detox program fail to treat their problem. You should seriously consider receiving professional treatment when you are trying to conquer your addiction.